Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Image result for pikachu gifit is me Regan 
this is a poem that
every body 
in the class 
had to do we all 
got to chose 
our  ting  i hope you
have a great day 


  1. Hey Regan Shikarn here looks like you have pot loots of work in your poem.

  2. Hi it is Angu sI like how you put information but maybe you should make the pikachu photo smaller blog you latter !!!!!

  3. Hi this is Nirvana,
    I like how you made it look cool maybe you can do this one more time and get a good one and show your face. But this is great bye Regan and see you later

  4. Hey regan it looks like you have try'd hard well done from Milla

  5. Hi Regan this is awesome Regan just the pic is to big. Awesome job and I mean it. Bye Regan


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